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Water means LINatural Sparkling Mineral Water

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Water means LINatural Sparkling Mineral Water

Our Sparkling mineral water is naturally carbonated by ancient subterannean volcanoes, not machines. Over 650 feet under the earth, a blanket of metamorphic rock protects the water as it mixes with underground CO2, giving AQUA Carpatica its unique, nature-made bubbliness. AQUA Carpatica flows from the protected Paltinis Spring, in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, where it’s bottled responsibly at the source.FE. High quality water means a HEALTHIER LIFE

Naturally Sparkling from the source – not enhanced (carbonated with CO2 from old volcanoes)

Bottled at source: AQUA Carpatica Paltinis Spring, Vatra Dornei

Naturally Nitrate FREE (no trace of chemical pollutants) – perfect nourishment for expectant mothers and organic food lovers

Naturally Sodium FREE – recommended for those with high blood pressure and low sodium diet

Naturally rich in electrolytes – perfectly suited for an active lifestyle, provides nearly 24% of an adult’s daily needs in Calcium and 16% in Magnesium per Liter

Naturally rich in bicarbonates – stimulates both digestion and metabolism

40 years of natural filtration during the underground journey of the water

Clean and smooth taste, no bitter or salty aftertaste

Protected Springs

BPA free bottles, 100% recyclable, Kosher


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